Jeff Wise’s Action Agenda

1. A voice for all of us. Jeff stands for open, honest and transparent representation. He will listen to all residents and be a voice for working families, small business owners, senior citizens, low income folks and particularly those who are sometimes ignored or left behind. Outreach and communication are his top priorities, so he will hold frequent town hall meetings, open office hours and “coffee with your councilman” gatherings to better connect you to your local government.

2. Safe streets. Jeff will focus on quality of life issues including innovative solutions to reduce speeding on our residential streets. To tackle crime, he will advocate full funding for our first responders so they have the best training and tools to keep us safe.

3. Welcoming neighborhoods. No matter who you are or where you are from, you are welcome in Lakewood. Jeff knows firsthand how essential it is for a community to support diversity in all its beautiful forms. Jeff is strong supporter of economic, racial and environmental justice.

4. Economic development. Ward 3 has lost over 1,500 jobs in recent years. We need an updated economic development plan to effectively attract more good jobs to our city. This is essential to maintaining our tax base so residents will not have to face increasing taxes or service cuts in the coming years.

5. Opportunity for all. Poverty is on the rise, and today one out of five children in Ward 3 lives in poverty. This is unacceptable. On council, Jeff will consider how each decision would affect our most vulnerable residents. As a city, we should set a bold goal of reducing poverty 25% by 2025 and implement smart policies to achieve it.

6. Improving infrastructure. Jeff will call for a comprehensive review of our road repaving program to determine whether we can repave more streets each year. Better maintenance of our infrastructure will save taxpayers in the long run. Our commercial corridors deserve more attention too. Cracked sidewalks, graffiti, broken bricks, and missing trees are signs of neglect that we need to fix up. Jeff will work on an enhanced streetscape/beautification plan for both Madison and Detroit avenues.

7. Housing and responsible growth. We need to diversify our housing stock to serve residents of all ages, particularly senior citizens who wish to “age in place.” The key to prosperous neighborhoods is a variety of housing styles and prices across the city. Any new proposed developments must be responsible, historically appropriate and respect the feedback of neighboring residents. No plan should ever be automatically rubber stamped or rushed through against the will of the people. Jeff will also advocate expanding Lakewood’s program of low-interest loans to assist more residents in making repairs to their homes.

8. Trees please. Lakewood was so named for the abundance of trees in our city by the lake. They make us healthier, can lower our utility bills and add value to our properties. Over the years, our tree canopy has decreased and many of our most beautiful trees have been cut down, especially along Clifton Boulevard, Lake Avenue and Madison Avenue. Jeff will push for an accelerated citywide tree planting initiative. He will also work to ensure only dangerous or diseased trees are removed on city owned properties.

9. Sustainability. The city must do its part to address the challenges of climate change. Jeff will propose an energy audit of all city owned buildings to look for energy savings while utilizing best practices. This will not only be good for the environment and for future generations, it will save taxpayers money.

10. Smart budgeting. Jeff believes in a responsible, data-driven and balanced approach to budgeting. We must always be mindful of how we spend our residents’ hard earned money. Jeff will work to eliminate wasteful spending and avoid pressures to outsource essential city services.