27-year-resident: “I Support Jeff Wise For Council”

Every campaign is an opportunity to make a difference in the community, and I am proud to say that this campaign has made a difference.

A letter from longtime resident Julie Nichols in this week’s Lakewood Observer, describing a community meeting I organized and how this was empowering and encouraging, is a great confirmation of the difference we can make together.

It is time for a change. Now is our chance to elect folks that want to do things differently and listen to the residents. I firmly believe Jeff Wise fits that description. I had the opportunity to attend a community meeting he hosted last month. The focus of the meeting was the various developments being planned in Lakewood.

[…] Transparency is import to Mr. Wise. It should be important to every resident of Lakewood and every citizen of this country. It seems to be a dying concept. What I hear from Jeff Wise is balance between what is best for the city of Lakewood and the desire of the residents.

Thank you for attending the meeting, Julie, and for your kind words. I look forward to continuing to make a difference on city council, with support from you and other residents!